Movement Research Van Lier Emerging Artist of Color Fellowship,
New York, New York 2017–2018

Simone Forti’s Dance Constructions
“Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done” at MoMA
through February 2019


AUNTS at MANA Contemporary
Sunday October 14 from 1–3 PM

Movement Class at the Living Room

Sunday October 21 at 1 PM
My class invites movers and makers of all kinds. We will gently warm up using simple physical exercises and improvisation practices. Focusing on supporting and articulating the body’s architecture, we will dance together through guided scores and set material. Class aims to celebrate our unique selves moving, experimenting, and sharing space together.

Movement Research Exchange (MRX) Living Room, Portland, Maine
Saturday October 21–27

Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church
November 5 at 8 PM

Movement Research Exchange (MRX) Seoul Dance Center, Seoul, South Korea
November 18–December 4

Movement Research Van Lier Emerging Artist of Color Fellowship in-process showing at the Chocolate Factory
December 16, 2018